16-Oz Half-Hard Copper Coils and Sheets

The price and availability of copper fluctuates from day to day. Call for current pricing and availability.

16 oz. (.0216") Half-Hard copper flashing rolls or flat sheets. This is solid construction-grade  copper, not foil, not a copper alloy, not copper-coated metal. It weighs one pound per square foot.

No residential deliveries! Ships by tractor trailer to commercial locations only!


11.75" X 195 Lineal Feet (200 lbs); 293 l.f. (300 lbs); 391 l.f. (400 lbs)

15" X 160 Lineal Feet (200 lbs); 240 l.f. (300 lbs); 320 l.f. (400 lbs)

18" X 133 Lineal Feet (200 lbs); 200 l.f. (300 lbs); 266 l.f. (400 lbs)

20" X 120 Lineal feet (200 lbs); 180 l.f. (300 lbs); 240 l.f. (400 lbs)

24" X 100 Lineal Feet (200 lbs); 150 l.f. (300 lbs); 200 l.f. (400 lbs)    

We can also supply larger rolls and flat sheets. Call Joe or Rachel at 814-786-9085, or send us an email. The more weight you buy, the better deal you get.

Half-hard copper is tougher than soft copper and makes for good valley, gutter, and ridge material as well as a good all-around flashing material. Also good for bar counters, general construction, and about any other use where a tough copper sheet is needed.

Remember: copper rolls are delivered on pallets by tractor trailer to commercial locations only. No residential delivery.

Call to Order! [814-786-9085]
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Dimensions of Copper (Gauges, etc.)

Temper Designation Tensile Strength (Ksi) Yield Strength
(Ksi) Min.
Min. Max.
060 Soft 30 38 --
H00 Cold-Rolled 1/8 Hard 32 40 20
H01 Cold-Rolled,
high yield 1/4 Hard
34 42 28
H02 Half Hard 37 46 30
H03 Three quarter Hard 41 50 32
H04 Hard 43 52 35

    • Weight
      225 lbs
    • SKU
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