(100) Copper Bib Flashings

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16-ounce copper flat bib flashings in three sizes. Sold by the case of 100 pieces. Use to cover the replacement nail when repairing slate roofs using the "nail and bib" method (see  illustration  ), or use for slipping underneath slates with holes or cracks to prevent leakage. Also useful for sliding underneath slates to correct inadequate sidelap. Bend slightly lengthwise for a friction fit, or use a dab of caulk to prevent the bib from sliding back out.

Options (select below): 

STFLCP5" by 7" - $270.00

STCP686" by 8" - $385.00

SFC810: 8" by 10" - $600.00

Need a slate ripper ?

Make your own flashings with our half-hard 16-ounce copper rolls , or our 16-ounce soft copper rolls .

We also have 7-inch copper step flashings 8-inch copper step flashings and 12-inch copper step flashings.

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      38 lbs
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    5" by 7" (STFLCP), 6" by 8" (STCP68), 8" by 10" (SFC810)
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