We have Liquid Flux and Sal Ammoniac Blocks.
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    Express Soldering Flux & Sal Ammoniac Blocks

    Two Bottles Express Soldering Flux (select type below):

    For Clean Metals #66400320

    For Oxidized Metals #66401320

    You are buying two 10.8-ounce bottles at a time. You can select two for clean metals, two for oxidized metals, or one of each. You can also add two sal ammoniac blocks.

    10.8 oz., 320 ml., 1.10 lb.

    Express fluxes are highly favored among professionals. The oxidized metal flux is better when the metal is not completely clean. Sold in two-bottle lots (you are buying two bottles at a time).

    Add (2) 0.22 lb., 3 1/8" x 2" x 3/4" Sal Ammoniac Blocks in the drop-down menu. 

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