Which soldering iron should you buy?
Electric Soldering Irons: Nice because they don't make noise or fumes and you don't need a hose and tank. They have a half hour warm up time and don't work well in cold and windy situations. They're ideal when soldering inside the shop or during warm summer conditions. 
Propane and Acetylene Soldering Irons: These irons need tanks and hoses, but burn hotter under all kinds of conditions and use tanks that you can buy almost anywhere, typically used for barbecues. The acetylene tanks you have to find at a gas dealer. 
Portable Gas Soldering Irons: The portable irons are great if you just have to do some quick soldering and don't want to fire up a propane rig or wait for an electric iron to heat up.

Hand Irons: Use with the soldering pots (bench furnaces).

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