We sell copper pipe flashings and pipe boots for roofs. We also have copper/lead pipe flashings, and copper pipe flashings with rubber gaskets.
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    AMG Copper Pipe Flashings

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    Get a pipe flashing one size bigger than your pipe! These European pipe flashings are in metric sizes. Use a 3" pipe flashing for 2" or smaller pipe, use a 4" pipe flashing for 3" or smaller pipe, and use a 5" pipe flashing for 4" or smaller pipe!

    Our German copper vent pipe roof flashings are made of 20-ounce copper, for up to 4" pipes. The flashing covers your existing (plastic?) pipe and ties it into the roof in a water-tight manner.

    If you need a permanent pipe flashing, this is it! These heavy-duty copper/lead, flexible, soldered pipe flashings are made in Germany to European standards.  

    Applicable for roof slopes from 2:12 to 10:12 (bends to 12:12 if bottom of pipe is snipped off). Features a removable cap and flexible lead sleeve. Base plate is 12" wide and 15.43" high, hemmed on the sides to allow for copper extensions should they be needed.


    3" (#3136176)

    4" (#31361100)

    5" (#31361120)

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    5-Pack CB41 Pipe Flashings 1.5" to 4"

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    Case of (5) copper-base residential roof pipe flashings. Five pack IPS CB41.

    Multi-Size 3-N-1® Flashing fits 1.5" to 4" vent pipe.

    16 oz. copper base with elastomer collar14.5" long; 10.75" wide. 

    Usable up to a 21/12 roof pitch for 1 1/2" and 2" pipe and up to 14/12 for 3" pipe.

    Tested for ultraviolet, ozone, and weather resistance.

    Approved for type B installations.

    Elastomer collar heat tested to 180 degrees F.

    CAUTION: Do NOT use petroleum-base mastics, sealing compounds, or paints on collar portion of flashings.

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