Consulting services provided by Joe Jenkins regarding slate roofs, new or old. You can order an email consultation online, with direct access to Mr. Jenkins via email and phone. 
  • Email Consultation - Slate Roofing

    If you need a professional opinion about your slate roof and want Joe Jenkins, author of the Slate Roof Bible, publisher of the Traditional Roofing Magazine, contractor for 45 years, national slate roof consultant, founder and Executive Director of the Slate Roofing Contractors Association of North America, Inc., and owner of the Slate Roof Warehouse and Snow Guard Warehouse online stores, to look at your information (photos, etc.) and reply with an opinion via email and/or phone, then you can purchase this service here. Once you have made your purchase, contact Joe Jenkins by email.

    Once your credit card clears and we are notified of the purchase, Mr. Jenkins will be in turn notified of your intentions and will be on the lookout for your email contact. He will reply promptly to all paid consultations unless he is away traveling. If you do not receive a reply from him in a timely manner please email our office to determine the status of your consultation and/or the whereabouts of the consultant. You can also contact Mr. Jenkins by phone to discuss the consultation.
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