Standard Slate Hooks 25 Lbs

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Standard Slate Hooks, 25 Lb Box

Slate hooks are used during slate roof repair or installation of slates on a new roof where scaffolding or roof jacks were temporarily nailed to the roof. Some slaters use nothing but slate hooks for repair work, as they are easier than nail and bib when working with new or especially dense slate. All hooks have blunt points for safety.

*Copper is a softer metal, and should be used on softer boards. 

*Anodized stainless steel is stronger than copper, and is recommended for hard lumbers and roof decking that will bend copper. Black anodized steel is not shiny, long-lasting, and relatively invisible.

*Electro-galvanized steel will eventually rust and will not last as long as stainless steel, but is a good choice for asbestos-shingle roofs or for a roof with around 25 years of life remaining. 


Stainless Black Anodized 3" HeadlapFor slates with 3" or less headlap. 0.1200-gauge. Approximately 2,000 hooks per 25 lb. box - $420.00.  

Stainless Black Anodized 4" HeadlapFor slates with 3" or less headlap. 0.1200-gauge. - $420.00. 

Stainless 3" Headlap: For slates with 3" or less headlap. 25 lb. box - $520.00. In stock.

Copper 3" Headlap:For slates with 3" or less headlap. 0.1250 gauge. Approximately 1,100 hooks per 25 lb. box - $570.00. In stock.

Copper 4" Headlap: For slates with 4" or less headlap. Approximately 1,000 hooks per 25 lb. box.- $570.00. LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE 

Galvanized: For standard thickness slates with 3" or less headlap. Approximately 2,000 hooks per 25 lb. box - $245.00. In stock.

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    Stainless Black Anodized 3" Headlap, Stainless Black Anodized 4" Headlap, Copper 3" Headlap, Copper 4" Headlap, Galvanized Steel 3" Headlap, Stainless Steel 3" Headlap
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