Roof brackets, or "roof jacks," create roof scaffolds that allow workers to safely work on slate, tile, asbestos, or any steep roof. We sell ACRO adjustable roof brackets. We can no longer get the ACRO slater's brackets. 
  • Case of (12) #29038 ACRO Roof Brackets
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    Case of (12) #29038 ACRO Roof Brackets

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    Case of 12 Acro Model 29038 Adjustable Roof Brackets.

    16 inches long, 4 inches wide; adjustable to 33, 45, 60 and 90 degrees. Approximately 3 pounds per bracket, and easy to set up, operate, reposition, & remove.

    May be used with 2X6, 2X8, or 2X10 inch planks, or also used with 2X12 planks at 33 or 45 degrees. 

    These brackets provide 4 offset nail slots (OSHA requirement is 3). Back-stiffening rib to eliminate twists & flexing, with smooth edges & rounded corners. Powder coated safety yellow. Made in America.

    Looking for the 6" Slater's Brackets? ACRO no longer manufacturer's them, unfortunately. Qualcraft imports them from China and sells them online and through various manufacturers. You may be able to find them through an internet search.

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