Gough Spanish Tile Snow Guards

Gough Copper Spanish Tile Snow Guard Model #SGSP is designed to be installed on new or existing standard size Ludowici Spanish tile roofs. On existing roofs, lift the bottom of the tile and slide the snow guard into place underneath it. Hook over the top of the underlying tile. On new roofs, just hook the snow guard over the tiles as you lay them.

Made of 24-ounce cold-rolled copper. The flat base allows the guard to hug close to the tile. The hook at the top will fit up to 1/2" thick tile.

It weighs 5 oz., is 8 1/2" long, has a 3 1/4" wide face, and protrudes up from roof about 2 1/8". Also available in lead-coated copper or powder-coated at additional cost. Custom sizes are available as well. The longer 11 1/2" model has an extended strap to be used on longer tiles.


SGSP (8.5") - $15.00

SGSP+ (11.5") - $18.00

This item is not returnable. 

Because of the copper scarcity this snow guard has an undetermined lead time. Maybe it will be weeks, or maybe it will be months.

  • $15.00
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Snow guards should be installed where the potential for the sudden sliding of ice and snow can be hazardous to people or property below. Falling snow is a life safety issue, and careful consideration of liability issues should be part of a carefully designed roof system in all areas prone to winter snow and ice.
Traditionally, for over 80 years, in residential applications, SnoGuards have been installed 24" to 30" on center in each row with 3 staggered rows beginning above the outside wall at the eave. Tile roofs may need two additional rows of snow guards for longer rafters.

The number of rows is increased with rafter lengths over 16 feet and with roof pitches greater than 6:12.

Increased snow load in some areas, drifting, vibration, proximity to other buildings, and so on, may require additional snow guards farther up the roof.
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    SGSP (8.5"), SGSP+ (11.5")
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