Mullane 500 3-Pipe Snow Rail Bracket

Mullane 500 3-Pipe Bronze/Brass Snow Rail Bracket

The Mullane 500 is a super heavy-duty copper/brass snow rail system used mostly on institutional buildings, government buildings, churches, college dormitories, and anywhere a high liability from falling ice and snow exists. 

The plates are made to fit the size of the slate on your roof. Common sizes are shown below, but call us at 814-786-9085 or email us for other sizes and shipping costs. This is a special order item that requires a lead time and is non-returnable and non-refundable. Larger orders are eligible for free shipping. 

Install snow fence brackets parallel to the eaves, spacing the brackets from 24" to no more than 48" apart, depending upon the pitch of the roof and the anticipated snow load. Install brackets approximately 24" to 36" from the roof edge.  

The Model #500 Snow Fence Bracket is cast from solid bronze and is mounted to a solid brass plate for lifetime durability. The castings have been carefully engineered to assure maximum strength at the points of greatest stress when under load. Double back brace brackets are standard and give redundant protection against casting failure when under load. Holes for rails are 1.125" to accommodate 1" (O.D.) brass pipe. The brackets are adjustable to three angles: 90, 67.5, and 45 degrees. The base plate is 1/8" 220 bronze. 

Model #500 is typically installed along the perimeter of slate roofs with rafters up to 25 ft. in areas with moderate to high snowfalls. For longer rafter lengths use additional snow rails. Model #500 is a custom order and the base plate can be fabricated to any specified size. We have too many standard sizes to list them all here, so if you need a plate size that is not listed, we probably have it available. Look at the image of the plate size list .

Options: Choose your plate size below. Don't see your size? We may still have it available but not listed. Call us at 814-786-9085 or send us an email (

Additional Items:

RBP1050-12: 12' section of 3/4" I.D. (1" O.D.) brass pipe: $333.00.

RBP1050-6: 6' section of 3/4" I.D. (1" O.D.) Brass Pipe for 3-pipe brackets are $166.00.    

RBPCON1050: 1" I.D. Brass Pipe Couplings are $9.00 each.  

RBTEC1050: 1" I.D. Brass Pipe End Caps are $9.00 each. 


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Snow rails are used along the perimeter of slate roofs for the prevention of sudden and unexpected ice and snow avalanches, which can damage people, cars, shrubbery, lower roofs, and other property underneath. The rail system can also include stainless steel expanded metal to prevent slates and other debris from sliding under the rails and creating a hazard. Also, a standard field array of snow guards can be included on the field of the roof above the snow rail for maximum protection.

Snow rail fence brackets are installed parallel to and approximately 24-36 inches above the eaves. The brackets should be spaced from 18-24 inches to no more than 42-48 inches apart horizontally, depending on the pitch of the roof and the expected snow load. It is recommended to use through bolts with a backer plate on the underside of the roof deck. Bronze, brass, or stainless steel pipe is recommended. Copper water pipes should not be used with Mullane snow rails, although they are used with Sieger snow rail brackets, both for 
slate roofs and for standing seam roofs

High snow load areas should use a three-pipe system such as the Mullane 500, the Mullane Fitrite 131 ML, or the Mullane Fitrite 132 BR,  If a smaller system is used, then it should be supplemented with an additional snow guard array in the field of the roof above the snow rail.
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