Gough SGAR-SLS Retrofit Snow Guards

This is a heavy-duty solid copper retrofit snow guard that's slid into place under existing slates and hooked on an existing slating nail on an already installed slate roof. 16 3/8" long, 14" reach, face is 3 1/4" wide and 1 3/8" high.This product is also available in custom lengths. Call us at 814-786-9085 for custom orders.

This retrofit snow guard has a longer (14 inch) 
reach than the Berger Brothers Pro #100 series by 1.5". This allows the snow guard to be more easily used on roofs with 24" long slates and on graduated slate roofs. More about retrofit snow guard "reach."

This is a good all-around retrofit snow guard for use on roofs with any size slate. The solid, low-profile face prevents the bending and twisting often seen on snow guards with higher profiles, while still retaining snow loads. Retrofit snow guards are designed to be added to already existing slate roofs. Regular snow guards are designed to be installed on new slates roofs when the slate is being installed.

FOR RAFTER LENGTHS UP TO 16 FEET: Traditionally, in the Midwest snow guards have been installed 30" to 36" on center in each row, with 3 staggered rows beginning above the outside wall at the eave. In the northeast, snow guards are typically installed at every other slate horizontally, and staggered at every horizontal slate course or every other horizontal slate course vertically, with 3 horizontal rows minimum.

FOR RAFTER LENGTHS OVER 16 FEET: The number of rows is increased with rafter lengths over 16 feet and with roof pitches greater than 6:12. Increased snow load in some states require additional snow guards per square farther up the roof.

We offer free shipping on orders of sufficient quantity. For more information, call us at 814-786-9085, or send us an email and include the item, quantity, and shipping zip code.

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