Corrugated Metal

We sell snow guards for corrugated metal roofs at the Snow Guard Warehouse. We have the largest selection of snow guards and snow rails on the internet! 

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  • Berger 100 Shoe Snow Guards

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    Available in Copper or Stainless Steel. Copper version can be mechanically fastened or soldered, or can be mounted on corrugated roof panels.

    Affordable protection for your gutter, foundation, shrubbery, automobiles or pedestrians, these snow guards are ideal for mounting on corrugated or flat roof panels. These snow guards will last forever and the copper can be soldered to a copper roof. Mechanically fasten using stainless steel screws and an adhesive. They have 8 3/4-square-inches of snow stopping area and a 1" X 2" flat mounting area. Four-inch-wide face, two-inch-long base, sits 2 3/4" up from the roof. Two mounting holes.


    SGCPS Copper - $4.25
    SGSSS Stainless Steel - $3.75

    NOTE: Returned Berger snow guards incur a 25% restocking fee and must be returned within 30 days. Please call with any questions to make sure you're ordering the correct product for your project.  

    We offer free shipping on orders of sufficient quantity. For more information, call us at 814-786-9085, or 
    send us an email and include the item, quantity, and shipping zip code.
    • $3.75
  • Jalco Corrugated Snow Guard

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    Jalco Aluminum Snow Guards are designed to prevent snow slides.

    Two mounting holes. 2" long base by 2 1/2" wide, 5 3/8" overall width, 2 1/2" high, 4.0 oz. Comes with (2) 2 1/4" fasteners per snow guard. Also use a high strength adhesive sealant.

    Jalco aluminum snow guards can be painted in almost any color upon request for an additional charge of $2.00 per snow guard. See color chart below or view online (polyester). Two week lead time for powder coated snow guards.


    Mill Finish - $6.95

    Painted - $8.95

    • $6.95
  • PD80 Snow Guard

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    Easily installed, the Alpine PD80 snow guard fastens to the top of corrugation using existing fastener holes along the roofs ribs, placing the penetration points above the surface of the panel.    

    "Saddle" design holds back snow and ice while allowing melt-off and rain to flow through.  

    Applicable Roof Types: New Metal Corrugated; Existing Metal Corrugated; New Metal Pocket Ribbed; Existing Metal Pocket Ribbed.

    Designed to move the standard penetration point from the water drain channel to the top of the rib, minimizing the possibility of water infiltration.

    Available in mill-finish aluminum and mill-finish steel for either round corrugations or square (rib style) corrugations.   

    Made in the USA using recycled materials. 

    SGPD80A: Mill-Finish Aluminum (for rounded corrugate tops) - $5.75.

    SGPD80AR: Mill-Finish Aluminum (rib style, for square/pocket rib corrugate tops) - $5.75.

    SGPD80S: Mill-Finish Steel (for rounded corrugate tops) - $13.25.

    SGPD80SR: Mill-Finish Steel (rib style, for square/pocket rib corrugate tops) - $13.25.   

    NOTE: Returned Alpine snow guards incur a 25% restocking fee. Please call with any questions to make sure you're ordering the correct product for your project. 

    • $5.75
  • Stainless Low Profile Gasketed Screws
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    Stainless Low Profile Gasketed Screws

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     Free Shipping (Alaska and Hawaii not included).

    100 count, 1 5/8", Part #S07C162XOC (we only have a limited supply of these).

    1000 count, 1 5/8", Part #07C162XOM.

    Gasketed, low-profile, 1 5/8" long, stainless steel screws for fastening snow guards mechanically to underlying roof decks. Stainless steel screws are compatible with all metals, including copper, aluminum, and steel. Major thread diameter is approximately 5/32".

    These screws have #1 square head slots. Type 305 stainless steel is a chromium nickel stainless steel that has an increased nickel content with excellent corrosion resistance.

    Perfect when used with Surebond SB-190 High Strength Adhesive Caulk.

    • $35.00