Sievert LSK1-10T Premium Soldering Kit

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Swedish-made Sievert premium propane soldering iron kits come with automatic on-off ignition, 10 ft. hose (other lengths are available), Sievert Promatic Universal Handle, soldering burner with wind shield and a preset LP gas regulator. 

The heavy duty Sievert soldering outfits for sheet metal work incorporate an effective windshield that makes the flame totally encased and windproof, with no risk of burning sensitive material. The precise valve in the Promatic handle makes it easy to obtain the right heat for the #700350 12-ounce copper bit that comes with the soldering iron.


A) No Extra bits (iron comes with the 12-ounce #700350 copper bit)

B) Add the #700400 13-ounce (370 gm) pointed copper bit

C) Add the #700500 17.6 ounce (500 gm) long copper bit

D) Add both the #700400 and the #700500 bits

Length is 12.2", weight is 27.7 oz.

Any standard propane tank such as used for a barbecue will work with this outfit. Stays lit after one click. Turn off gas to shut it down.
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Flat-Lock Soldered Copper Roofing (PDF Download)

Soldering Copper Roof Flashing (PDF Download)  

Hot Tips for Vertical Soldering  (PDF Download)  

Soldered Seam Copper Roofs (PDF Download)   

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      9.5 lbs
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    #700350 Bit Only, Add #700400 pointed bit, Add #700500 long bit, Add both #700400 and #700500 bits
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